Zola Ochiltree Vifquain

Honored by:Elaine Vifquain (Woodard) Bath
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Zola Ochiltree Vifquain, born in 1890, was the wife of Prof. Russell M. Vifquain, Iowa State University (Prof. Emeritus Post-Humously) in the Agronomy and Agriculture departments for many years. They were the parents of four children, who were all educated in the Ames public schools and attended Iowa State University or the University of Iowa for a college education.

The children are:
Major Russell M. Vifquain Jr., born 1918 - attended ISU and entered WW II. He was a major in the US Air Corps when killed May 14, 1945.
Robert H. Vifquain, born 1923 - attended ISU, the US Navy and graduated from the University of Iowa.
Z. Elaine Vifquain (Woodard) Bath, born 1927 - graduate of the University of Iowa, with an M.S. from Iowa State University.
Lt. Ned O. Vifquain, born 1929 - graduate of the University of Iowa, Korean War service

Both parents encouraged, and worked, to give their children educational skills to pursue their goals in life, and to contribute to humanity and the environment. Both parents graduated from the Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, Nebraska and came from families that encouraged the importance of "education in America."