Plaza of Heroines

Welcome to the Plaza of Heroines

The Plaza of Heroines is a mosaic of bricks and granite pavers forming the entryway to Carrie Chapman Catt Hall on Iowa State’s central campus.

The center of the plaza features a large granite paving stone honoring Carrie Chapman Catt, a distinguished alumna of Iowa State’s class of 1880, leader of the U.S. women’s suffrage movement, crusader for international peace and an advocate for the expansion of women’s rights throughout the world. Surrounding that stone are smaller granite pavers and bricks that honor more than 4,000 women who have made an impact on individuals, families, communities and society.

Plaza bricks

Honor a woman

To honor a woman on the Plaza of Heroines, submit an order today or contact the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics for more information.

To update the profile of a woman you have previously honored on the plaza, email the Catt Center with your changes.


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Tabatabai, Louisa Tabatabai, Lousia B Taff, A. Gertrude Taggart, Nita Talbot, Grace B. Tanner, W.A. Tapps, Arlene Fielweber Taradash, Shirley M. Tarbox, Loretta Jeanne Feeney Tavathia, Kamlesh Taylor, Mary Helen Taylor, Mildred Dodds Taylor, Nancy W. Taylor, Phila Etta Taylor, Ruby B. Teaford, Jane Tedesco, Angela Kay Tedesco, Joanne Jacobi Teed, Sarah Walas Temple, Beulah Stewart Templeman, Jane Frudden Tenold, G. Maxine Terpstra, Mary Brosnahan Terrill, Gloria S. Terry, Dora Lee Terry, Linda Fymbo Terry, Mary Emma Hoag Terry, Mary P. Terry, Virlayne Elizabeth Tesfatsion, Leigh Spears Thatcher, Carol Ann Thatcher, Marian Thatcher, Mary Kay Thatcher, Shon Elizabeth Thayer, Sharon Calhoun Theile, Frances Anne Deans Theile, Madeline Comley Thiede, Donna Emond Thiel, Patricia Ann Thilquist, Sue M. Thomas, Carrie Thomas, Ellen Aldrich Thomas, Jean Thomas, Lois Thomas, Lori Ellerman Thomas, Ruth R. Thompson, Ann Dunkle Thompson, Betsy J Thompson, Deborah Kay Thompson, Genelle F. Spicer Thompson, Janet Sydnes Thompson, Kathryn Anne Thompson, Leona Thompson, Linda Shaw Thompson, Lola Thompson, Margaret Maurine Thompson, Mary C. Thompson, Nancy (Ostendorf) Thompson, Ruth Hiatt Thompson-Wells, Diane Janelle Thompson, Winifred Thoms, Sara J. Thomsen, Karen Thorius, Julia L. M. Thorland-Oster, Vicky Thorne, Alison Comish Thuenen, Edna V. Thuirer, Elnora Greene Thuma, Nancy Redfern Thuma, Susan Thurston, Phyllis M. Tice, Patricia Kay Tice, Pauline Stephens Tice, Shirley Ann Arthur Tiffany, Lois Hattery Tiffany, Nancy Ellen Tilden House Tilden, Winifred Tillett, Gladys Avery Tilton, Tanya Timm, Helen Virginia Pallas Timm, Ruth Barbara Lydia Brown Timmons, Dorothy Josephine Timmons, Dorothy Langdon Timmons, Kathleen E. Tinsley, Beatrice Tinsman, Heidi Elizabeth Tinsman, Maggie Neir Tjarks, Barbara Peters Tjarks, Talkea Janssen Tobin, Irene Tobin, Maureen U. Scholtes Todd-Simmons, Kimberly Michelle Toft, Gertie Jacobsen Tolzmann, Deanne Jean Toman, Betty Toot, Betty Ludeman Toppler, Terri Tostlebe, Jennifer Jewel Touchberry, Carol Fuhrmeister Tow, Karen Ellen Skold Tracy, Elaine Tracy, Erika Tracy, Jennifer Tracy, Jessica Tracy, Mavis Trahanovsky, Kathleen Tranby, Elizabeth Anne Archer Trca-Black, Sandra Rose Trca, Rose Beverly Schaefer Trey, Jean Ahlstrom Triplett, Carole Sue Gray Trout, Beth Higdon True, Helen L. Truitt, Alice P. Trusler, Julie Hage Trusler, Karlene Carol Truth, Sojourner Tschopp, Dorothy L. Tsou, Patsy Tubbs, Grace B. Tubbs, Myrna J. Tubman, Harriet Tucker, Bebe Lou Muehle Tucker, Lelia Tuggle, Joan R. Turner, Ethel Turner, Marcia E. Turner, Violet Schmidt Twetten, Laurene D.