Plaza of Heroines

Welcome to the Plaza of Heroines

The Plaza of Heroines is a mosaic of bricks and granite pavers forming the entryway to Carrie Chapman Catt Hall on Iowa State’s central campus.

The center of the plaza features a large granite paving stone honoring Carrie Chapman Catt, a distinguished alumna of Iowa State’s class of 1880, leader of the U.S. women’s suffrage movement, crusader for international peace and an advocate for the expansion of women’s rights throughout the world. Surrounding that stone are smaller granite pavers and bricks that honor more than 4,000 women who have made an impact on individuals, families, communities and society.

Plaza bricks

Honor a woman

To honor a woman on the Plaza of Heroines, submit an order today or contact the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics for more information.

To update the profile of a woman you have previously honored on the plaza, email the Catt Center with your changes.


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Wackwitz, Dorothea Will Waddell, Katherine Jennison Waddell, Kathleen Kay Waggoner, Debra A. Loupee Wagler, Frances Hibbs Wagner, Georgia Grimes Wah, Li Yuet Wai, Lau Chi Wakefield, Anne Cathleen Allen Wakefield, Ora Lucile Walden, Katheryn Homan Walden, Maud Ann Waldinger, Bess Walker, Bernita Meier Walker, Cindy Levine Walker, Clareta Walker, Donna L. Smith Walker, Ella Marie Walker, Estelle E. Walker, Georgia B. Gavin Walker, Jo Myers Walker, Karen Ann Walker, Kathleen Remund Walker, Loy Buffington Walker, Nellie Verne Walker, Sarah Walkup, Janet Polson Wall, Neoma Wallace, Jean Seidel Wallace, May Brodhead Wallace, Mildred Elder Walling, Andrea Bonney Wallis, Sybil Pauline Edwards Walsh, Angela M. Walsh, Kathie Yeutter Walsh, Patricia Walsh, Sheila F. (Hendricks) Walter, Alice Jane Walter, Beulah Walter, Emma Grace Ann Walter, Iva Shoemaker Walter, Janice Gordon Walter, Jean Ruth Petersen Walter, Joslyn M. Walter, Julie Helean Johnston Walter, Julie Jennings Walter, Madyson May Walter, Marjorie Lucille Walter, Mary Brindle Walter, Mary E. Danger Walter, Mary M. Shaver Walter, Myrtle Bein Walter, Regina M. Walters, Faye E. Waltner, Florence Leigh Walton, Ivadell May Walton, Marlene A. Wanamaker, Vera Shirey Wanat, Ellen M. Warburton, Alice Olson Warman, Barbara Warner, Barbara Gerling Warner, Beth Carolyn Warner, Carol Warner, Cleone Brookins Warner, Eunice Decker Warning, Jeanne Warning, Margaret Cynthia Warrick, Evelyn Beamer Wass, Kimberly Ebbers Waters, Deanna Watkins, Virginia M. Watrous, Jeri Jean Watson, Carolyn Watson, Elizabeth Mae Watson, Jean Carter Watson, Kimberly Davis Watson, Lorraine Weatherspoon, Margaret Sutherland Weber, Betty Ruth Weber, Evelyn Joyce Webster, Avis E. Duffey Wedel, Mildred Mott Weedman, Janice Weeks, Virginia Wehmhoefer, Marilyn Van Iten Weible, Leslie Boyles Weikert, Emily Anne Weiss, Elaine Weiss, Marion R. Weiss, Nancy E. Weisshaar, Marlene Clark Welch, Alice Anne Franzen Welch, Joan E. Welch, Peggy Welden, Julia Cole Weldon, Freda Weldon, Lynne Weller, Julie R. Wells, Betty L. Wells, Cindy J. Wells, Gwen Mayer Wells, Ida B. Wells, Niobe A. Wells, Stephanie Ann Welsh, Marjorie Helen Kimball Welt, Eleanor Weltha, Margaretjean Wendel, Loretto Carey Wentzien, Vivian Walter Werling, Olivette Pehrson Wessman, Shirley Lagrange West, Mary Zahn Westercamp, Barbara Halverson Westercamp, Sylvia Grace Westerdale, Barbara Westerlin, Leemoile Westerman-Beatty, Jan Westerman, Phyllis Lighty Westlake, Helen Gum Westmoreland, Betty Westrom, Sally Lichtenstein Westvold, Stella Ford Wethington-Smith, September Wettach, Mary Halverson Wettig, Pamela S. Wheatley, Rose Rychnovsky Wheelock, Barbara Wheelock, Edra Smith Wheelock, Gladys Ruth Wheelock, Karen Wheelock, Lottie Quist Whelan, Annette C. Whetstone, Esther Whigham, Myrna Whisler, Marilyn Whitaker, Faye Pauli Whitaker, Karel Nordgaard White, Dottie S. White, Irma J.W. White, Mabel May Tucker White, Mindee White, Minnie R. Whiteford, Marion S. Whiteford, Patricia C. Whiteley, Hazel Knapp Whitlow, Connie Jean Whitman, Christine Todd Whitman, Rachel Anne Whitman, Toni Chapman Whitmore, Vivian Whittier, Annie M. Widnall, Sheila Wiederin, Kathy Wiegel, Dorothy Wieman, Laura Matlack Wiersema, Janice Davis Wierson, Bertha Wierson, Ramona Wiggers, Mildred Zimmerman Wilcox, Edna G. Wilcox, Mary Kesler Wild, Dorothy Mae Devault Wilde, Caroline Wildemuth, Inez Marston Wildman, Ruby Wiley, Jean Lindstrom Wilhelm, Marilyn Evelyn Wilke, Vicki Will, Marian McGuire Wille, Ida Burmester Wille, Verda Alvina Willems, Cherrie K. Willemssen, Betty McMillan Willer, Dorothy Deardorf Willham, Esther B. Williams, Allie Ann E. Williams, Catherine G. Williams, Darlene Walter Williams, Elsie Kimbrell (Kim) Williams, Florence Edith Williams, Frances Gates Williams, Grace Williams, Joy Ann Williams, M. Corrine Williams, Margaret N. Williams, Martha Evans Williams, Mary Williams, Mildred Joy Bridenstine Williams, Mildred Mays Williams, Pamela J Williams, Pauline Gibbs Williams, Stephanie J. Williams, Susan G. Williams, Valerie J. Williamson, Dorothy Owen Willis, Julie Willits, Anna Lea Willits, Christie Willits, Louisa Upton Willits, Sydney Willoughby, Kay-lynne S. J. Willson, Carolyn Willson, Genevieve Best Willson, Lee Anne Mordy Willson, Peggy Wilmore, Susan C. Walsh Wilson, Ann Wilson, Cristine Swanson Wilson, Eva Donelson Wilson, Leora Goff Wilson, Marie Wilson, Mary Wilson, Viola Schutz Wilwert, Joan Wimer, Connie Wimmer, Barbara Jean Winakor, Geitel Windsor, Elizabeth Arnold Winfrey, Carol L. Winfrey, Oprah Gail Wing, June S. Winslow, Irma Wille Winslow, Lillian Maude Beck Winston, Betty Winter, Mary Winter, Ruth Gillespie Winterkorn, Trude Wintersteen, Wendy Kay Wipf, Katherine J. Wirges, Blanche F. Wirth, Sharon Craft Wirtz, Virginia Lee Johnson Wiser, Charlotte Melina Viall Wiser, Edna Wislocki, Mary Anderson Witmer, Ester Witowski, Anne Witt, Alice K. Wittenmyer, Annie Wittman, Elsie Bartz Woldruff, Helen Wolf, Blanche Rosa Jones Wolf, Mary (Mitzi) Beisswenger Wolfe, Alberta L. Wolff, Britta Woline, Emily Woline, Jane Thuma Woline, Laura Woline, Linnea Woline, Tigon Woloson, Wendy A. Women Friends of Ames IA Women of the Ames ISU-YWCA Wong, Kristine Jurgens Woo, Patti Collins Wood, Shirley J. Woodard, Frances Woodard, Kristine Elaine Woodley, Eleanor Woodman, Lydia Bradstreet Woodrow, Ann Woods, Esther Cruikshank Woods, Harriett Woods, Marjorie Beam Woodstra, Barbara Connell Woodward, Sandy Woodworth, Gertrude Johnson Woodworth, Sheryl DeWulf Woolley, Margaret (Moran) Woolley, Shirley S. Woolley, Yvonne Woteki, Catherine E. Wright, Calvin L. Wright, Deloris R. Wright, Elizabeth Rodman Wright, Joann “Jodi” Breckenridge Wright, Karla M. Wright, Marguerite S. Wright, Megan Sarah Wright, Rowena Wright, Willie Mae Wu, Chien-Shiung Wulfekuhle, Kimberly Allen Wunder, Beth Robie Wyckoff, L. Lorraine Wyckoff, Linda Lee Wykert, Leota A.